Diamond Shopping 101

Diamond Shopping 101

So you’ve finally realized she’s the one and you’re ready to pop the question. What’s next is the dreaded step of choosing the best rock that represents your undying love. Surely you don’t want any reaction from your lady love that remotely resembles Carrie Bradshaw’s when Aidan gave her what she calls “an engagement ring that’s not her.” How do you ensure, then, that you give her the diamond engagement ring that symbolizes what she is and what she means to you?

Looking for the best diamond engagement ring is not as hard as you think. You just need to keep in mind a few simple pointers to ensure that you will go home with the diamond ring that represents your commitment to the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

1. Know what she wants. Bring her to window shop with you to find out what kind of diamond shape and setting she wants. Or enlist the help of her close friends or family when choosing. After all, it’s her ring and surely you want her to wear it with pride.

2. Learn your Cs. In the world of diamonds, only four Cs count: the cut of the diamond, its carat, the color, and its clarity (although for a woman’s beauty, rhassoul clay could be another C!). Diamond experts say these are the best basic characteristics you should look for when checking a diamond’s quality. Make sure you’ve researched enough to know these Cs, so you could check for yourself the rock’s brilliance and purity.

3. Look around for good, reputable stores. If buying in high-end stores scares you, there are smaller stores that you can go to, just check their legitimacy online or authorized organization that could vouch for the store’s reliability. Don’t fall prey on deals or sales that seem fishy to be trusted. You can also buy online, but ensure that the transaction process is secured and the shipper the online store uses is an insured one. Purchasing over the phone is an option, even by using secure voip calls to make your order.

4. Compare, compare. If you’re on a budget, you should compare the prices of the diamonds so you get the best price that will not cost you an arm and leg. The prices, of course, depend on the diamond’s carat weight, so you must know if you’re getting your money’s worth. And if you’re not, getting financial advice is probably a good idea.

5. Buy based on its grading report. When you’ve made your choice, make sure to read about the diamond’s grading report that has been certified by a legitimate gemological laboratory.

What are the Best Ways to Find Genuine Diamonds?

What are the Best Ways to Find Genuine Diamonds?

If you’re trying to find out the best way to find high quality diamonds, several noteworthy places may come to mind. Premiere jewelers – most of them with an online presence – offer stunning diamond-studded pendants, earrings and brooches.  They are favored places to shop for splendid looking gems, moreso if time is of the essence and money is no object.

So, when thinking about the best way to find high quality pink Diamonds, your safest bet is to go with established names. Shun dealers offering very huge discounts, and  look for jewelry stores that not only show product quality but also have the customers’ best interests in mind.

Breathtaking jewelry pieces that combine diamonds with other gems can best be bought from jewelry stores of  icons of style like Bulgari, Tiffany and DeBeers. These names have become synonymous with beautiful diamonds beautifully melding with innovative materials. These firms have also expanded to various strategic international locations.

When mulling over the best way to find high quality diamonds, opt for firms with high global standards and a tradition of excellence. Nonetheless, diamond shoppers still need to be meticulous when choosing from the product range even of established firms. Most high quality jewelers decide to showcase their products by using high quality photographical work (source: frivjunky.com).

Knowing all there is to know about diamonds will help a lot when combing the city for good finds. Jewelry dealers’ shops situated in close proximity to each other in one district in certain countries may offer diamond jewelry of dubious character. Listen to your instincts. The shops may offer bargain prices, but their diamond quality, integrity and personal service may be sorely lacking, as customers are bound to discover.

You may have greater peace of mind and satisfaction in buying diamonds from family-run jewelry businesses with a track record of experience. Your close friends or family members may offer some good recommendations. Read reviews and customer testimonials.

Whether you want loose diamonds or diamonds encrusted rings and other jewelry pieces, a web search will help. Searching online and reading product descriptions can lead you to some interesting finds.

If you have traveled to different countries, you may have noticed that in just about every destination, there are swanky shopping centers with luxury retail spaces where jewelry merchants operate and sell diamonds.

Go to the well-known jewelers that offer timeless and beautiful diamond designs. Just one look and you can see the fine craftsmanship shining through. Consumers can seek out reputable jewelers with staff who will only be glad to lend a hand. The jewelry store staff must show knowledge and honesty when assisting customers who need diamonds, whether as part of engagement rings or other jewelry pieces.

Post written by Gerald Hammons, chief writer at http://www.spinabifida.net. He can be reached at g.hammons@ymail.com.

Guide in Choosing a Diamond

Guide in Choosing a Diamond

As we often state in our email newsletter, diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend and being their best friend, it has to become a part of their jewelry collection. These days, there are lots of diamonds in the market and buying one for you can be exciting. Since this stone has become a sign of love and beauty, it is wise to know some guides and tips when buying one for you or your loved one.

Since it has become a special part of anyone’s jewelry collection here are some hints on how to buy the finest diamond in the market.

It is important that you know how nicely the diamond shines and its value. Always remember its 4C’s – the cut, clarity, color and its carat. These will determine its price and will definitely affect your budget too.

This precious stone comes in different shapes and sizes. Shapes like round, square, oval, heart and pear are some of it and will help you determine their value also. So far, the round cut is the most popular of them all. Round cut is often used in engagement rings. Its cut affects the stone’s beauty, brightness and its price. It comes in different designs and colors too. Red and pink are considered to be rare colors making them more expensive than the colorless and white ones. Some colors to choose from are yellow, blue and green.

Its clarity and carat affect its cost too, not to mention its cost of transport. According to most websites, the weight of this stone is measured by the carat and will help jeweler to determine its price. It is important to know these two in order for you to set how much you should spend for this precious stone.

Diamonds have certificates also. This piece of paper is an important part of your purchase because it contains the weight, measurements, cut and quality of the diamond. This will become a proof of the stone’s identity and value and your assurance that you have a real stone.

Whether you are planning to buy this stone for your special someone or as a treat to yourself, always remember that there is one within your means. The above mentioned guide will surely help you to be able to get that dream stone of yours. All you have to do is shop for it and don’t forget to ask for warranties and discounts if there are any when you go to your favorite jewelry store, and make sure to give them credit where credit is due.

Thanks to Jeremy Schmidt for contributing this article to RapidTMP.